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Suprema BioStation 2 Fingerprint Terminal

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Suprema BioStation 2 Fingerprint Terminal

Suprema BioStation 2 Fingerprint Terminal

Replacing the excellent BioStation terminal, the BioStation 2 has a faster processor, IP65 rated weatherproof casing and an improved optical sensor for market-leading performance in a competitive industry.

Suprema’s fingerprint matching algorithms really are unrivalled for reliable operation.

The BioStation 2 offers excellent performance with its instant fingerprint authentication and rapid data transfer making it ideal for larger organisations handling high volumes of clocking data. Its beautiful toughen glass exterior ensures that the terminal is suitable for high-end installations such as hotels, offices and reception areas where an attractive unit is required.

Incorporating a colour screen and high quality sound, the BioStation 2 provides a different and modern user interaction using multimedia information. Various communication options including TCP/IP cabled and wireless LAN as well as USB memory stick, allow the BioStation 2 to be used in many different locations. Egress Systems also offer 3G communication options.

Now enhanced with cost centre / activity code selection options on the scrollable touchscreen you can smoothly integrate the BioStation 2 terminal with the Focus cost centre reporting features.

Key Benefits

  • New Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technique

  • Ideal for Time & Attendance / Access Control Applications

  • Improved OPS Optical Sensor & Algorithm

  • Interior or Exterior Installation (IP65 Dust and Water Protection)

  • Multiple Modes of Operation (Fingerprint & Pin Combinations)

  • Enrol up to 500,000 Employees (1:1) & Store up to 3 Million Clocking Transactions

  • Incorporates Various Proximity Card Readers (Including Mifare)

  • IPower of Ethernet (PoE) Enabled for Simple Installation

Suprema BioStation 2 Fingerprint Terminal - Technical Specification

Up to 500,000 users (1:1)

Up to 10 fingerprint templates per user

Up to 3,000,000 log records

CPU: 1.0 GHz Single Core

Memory: 8GB Flash + 256MB RAM

Identification Speed: 20,000 matches in 1 second

13.56MHz Mifare, Mifare Plus Card Reader

Authentication: Finger / PIN / Card

Network Interface: TCP/IP, RS485

2 inputs for exit switch and door sensor

1 relay

2.8” color TFT LCD displau

Power: 12v DC

Operating Temperature: – 20℃ to 50℃

Size: 142mm × 144mm × 45mm (W × H × D)


    BioStation 2 Unboxing & Features


    BioStation 2 Menu Configuration


    BioStation 2 User Enrolment