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ZK Silk-FP-101TA Fingerprint Terminal

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ZK Silk-FP-101TA Fingerprint Terminal

ZK Silk-FP-101TA Fingerprint Terminal

The ZK Silk-FP-101TA fingerprint terminal is a cost-effective and reliable biometric terminal for small to medium-sized organisations. Complete with a built-in EM RFID reader for alternative card-based clocking and optional activity/cost centre selection features; this smart reader is a suitable alternative to the high-end Suprema range.

The SilkID fingerprint reader copes with wet, dry and rough fingers and has energy-saving features which limits power usage in standby mode – using infrared technology to identify the presence of a finger before auto-activating.

Anti-glare features also enable continual function in strong light sources.

The ZK Silk is easy to self-install or you could take advantage of our installation services for peace of mind.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple modes of operation: Fingerprint only, PIN + Fingerprint, PIN + Password

  • Enroll up to 3,000 fingerprints, 10,000 cards and store up to 100,000 clocking transactions

  • Suitable for wet, dry and rough fingers

  • In-built EM RFID reader for alternative method of clocking

  • Optional cost centre / activity code selection

  • Anti-glare and infrared technology

  • Intuitive user interface

ZK Silk-FP-101TA Fingerprint Terminal - Technical Specification

Size: 192mm(L) x 140mm(W) x 42.5mm(D)


Fingerprint Optical Sensor

2.8 inch TFT colour display

Communications: TCP/IP or USB to PC

Power: DC 5V 0.8A

Operating Temperature: 0°C – 45°C