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Electronic Rostering

Manage the peaks and troughs of business resourcing requirements, day by day and hour by hour with the Focus Rota.

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Electronic Rostering

Simple Electronic Rostering Solutions

Planning a flexible roster is a key component of how many businesses balance employee attendance against business requirements.

The Focus time and attendance rostering solution is a powerful visual tool that enables organisations to take control of labour costs whilst being responsive to variable business demands.

Managing a roster can be time-consuming despite the many benefits to a business so our solutions allow you to copy previous rosters and amend for future requirements.

All planned rosters tie in automatically to timesheets and reporting to identify absenteeism, lateness and variance between pre-planned and actual costs.

Rosters are automatically updated in the Focus Self Service for instant visibility to employees.


Key Benefits

  • Build a complex roster in minutes, tracking employee skills and retaining control.

  • Manage the peaks and troughs of business resourcing requirements day by day and hour by hour.

  • Determine labour costs prior to employee attendance.

  • Balance hours fairly across the workforce.

  • Minimise budget spend on higher overtime rates.

  • Manage holidays and compensate for planned absence.

  • Maximise team productivity by achieving balanced attendance.

  • Roster individuals across multiple departments in different cost centres.


  • "Some of the features we have found most useful are the Rota costing and budgeting, the cost variance report is particularly good for this as it allows our department heads to see the difference between what their original rota cost had been to their actual cost."

    Abi James, HR / Facilities Manager – Brian James Trailers Ltd

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